Softmove - Program Description

Programmbeschreibung für das Fahrgemeinschaftsvermittlungs-Programm softmove -

Within the scope of the move project, software has been developed for the inter-company carpool RidematchingService, i.e. the program softmove.

You can download the program onto your hard disk. Then you will receive a user's demonstration version and also the complete program set. Please note the hardware and software requirements we have stated. We recommend that you download the manual onto your hard disk, too. You might possibly just like to look at the manual first. Using Screen Shots and generally understood explanations you will gain an overall insight into the way the program works.

softmoveis innovative for several reasons:

  1. It enables you to find optimum routing suggestions for a carpool RidematchingService within the greater vicinity of Bremen. The area it serves comprises the residential areas of the employees commuting to work in Bremen covering an area of 120 km x 180 km (approx. 22,000 km2).
  2. The RidematchingService is effected at an inter-company level for the employees of all the companies located in the town of Bremen (520,000 inhabitants) who register to join the carpool (see Services Agreement und General Terms of Business).
  3. The assessment of the suggestions is supported by a large number of variables which can be utilised in the program according to need.
  4. Furthermore it is based on a routing system geared to travelling times using a road model that differentiates between six categories of street (according to speed) and is defined by the travelling time between the network nodes. Residence and working address are entered onto the screen by mouse-click and the program supplies the route for the passengers or drivers in question.
  5. softmove also enables carpool Ridematching for partial stretches of a journey (with passengers getting in or out), for specific days of the week or for a limited period (e.g. holiday time or only for the winter, etc.).
  6. This program contains the complete supervision, from looking after and up-dating the data bank to supplying standard letters for contacting other participants (for the most differing reasons).
  7. For effecting guaranteed mobility a further management level is reserved. Here, accounting with the companies and taxi services can be organised.
  8. softmove is also offered as an Online version with a test-user surface, where the interested employee can seek suggestions to match the ones shown he can see graphically on the street network plan.
  9. softmove has a statistics module, that also shows the environmental effects of the Ridematching carpool directly on the screen in the form of tables and graphics. The companies can enhance their environmental reporting or ecological assessment using this material. The four most important air pollutant emissions and the saving in parking space are taken into account. Where inter-company carpools are concerned, a proportional allocation of the environmental effects to the respective companies is performed in the program.

There is no other comparable program known elsewhere in Europe.

softmove is not a program for "just anyone". It has been programmed as a working tool for the service provider. Only the Online version enables the non-initiated to gain an impression of their own, too. Since the possibility of test-questions offered in the Online version relieves the service provider of a procedural working step (e.g. Is there a suitable suggestion among them for me, too? If so, how many? Are there any new suggestions? Have I a better Ridematching chance if I take smokers with me?), it is intended, once of the RidematchingService has been successful launched on the market in Bremen, installing the Online program in as many participating companies as possible.

In order that companies with sensitive databases and high demands on personal data protection can also utilise it (e.g. banks and insurance companies), the Online version is not offered on the Internet, but via modem. With regard to the later option of an Internet solution, softmove has however, been programmed in Java format, just in case.

The program described here is offered in two different designs: For reporting with the move project in move style, and for the introduction on the market and application in Bremen in the style of the RidematchingService.

move  move

Take a look also at the part of the manual relating to the software.

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