Project Final Report


The project was concluded in April 1998 after a 3-year term. The overview and short version precede the final report so that you receive all the information together when downloading. In the longer version of the report the following aspects are described (amongst others):



  • How the project originated and its philosophy
  • Setup, structure and participants
  • Profile of the participating companies
  • Approach, working procedures
  • Problems in its realisation
  • Know how gained from the pilot application
  • Questionnaires, statistics
  • Development of the new Ridematching Service (FahrgemeinschaftsService)
  • Introduction onto the market of the Ridematching Service


The Final Report serves for reporting back to the employer and is of interest to those who would like to find out more about the approach and procedures of the project. Supplements, material und software can be found elsewhere in this WWW site.

Final Report

Download  (1 MB, PDF) Only in German !

Note: We recommend the CD-ROM. to anyone who is interested in all the reports and material arising in connection with this project.