Background Infos

In addition to the results of the move project we offer you some studies for downloading onto your hard disk which are of interest in connection with the project.

These studies were similarly drawn up by the Institute for Transport Ecology (BVÖ) in Bremen and offer important information on aspects which could not be gone into in more detail within the scope of the move project. Examples from these studies are referred to in a number of places in the final report and guide.

  1. Mobility management in the company and administration
    Collection of examples 

  2. The latest additions to No. 1 (collection of examples)  

  3. Mobility consultancy for companies Market study on consultancy and service requirement 

  4. Mobility service in the hands of transport services
    New customers and markets for the local public transport facilities 

  5. Open notes on literature  

The three papers numbered 1,3 and 4 in the Internet and on the CD ROM were published by kind permission of the author (Ministry of Environmental Protection, Verkehrsclub Deutschland and the Institute for Rural and Urban Development Research in the Federal Land of North Rhine Westphalia).

The material set up by the Ridematching Service (FahrgemeinschaftsService) used for introduction on the market can be found under Introduction on the market (Advertising material such as flyers, notice boards, registration cards, etc.) and Software.