Guide to the Operational Mobility Management

What are the correct measures and what is the correct concept for a business enterprise? This question cannot be answered in a general fashion by any means. The companies differ far too much and the possible frame conditions which have to be taken into consideration are also too varied.

The systematic assessment of the consultancy and service requirement of differing types of enterprise with different frame conditions (central or peripheral location, good or poor integration in the traffic system, etc.) demand market research methods. The market study on consultancy and service requirement on the way towards a company traffic plan leads to fundamental assessments which can be of assistance in finding out how to react.

The guide which we are offering you for downloading onto your hard disk is orientated towards different measures and primarily serves to stimulate new ideas . An attempt at answering the above-mentioned question is not being made.

However, the possibility of influencing the employer on the traffic behaviour of his employees with regard to the most important variables, such as parking facility and integration in the local public traffic services is shown. Particular attention here is directed towards carpooling potential.

The move project has made clear that the greatest inspiration for employers and employees' councils arises from the positive examples of other companies. The documented examples of of mobility management in the enterprise and the administrative sector is, therefore, a "guide" in the best sense of the word. "How do the others manage to do it?", " Why can't we do this, too?" A lot of stimulation which we give in the guide, finds practical examples for being realised in the brochure.

In principle, the guide covers the entire Web site "". The entire material is offered in compact form on the CD-ROM.

The aspect of carpool Ridematching is treated in detail under Software and introduction on the market.

With regard to the significance of regional corporations and traffic enterprises as key figures where mobility management strategies are concerned, the study on a mobility service conducted by the transport services offers sufficient stimulation and systematic illustrations.

Finally, references to literature provide an overall picture of the most important manuals and guides available at the moment.

In this connection we offer the guide for downloading. Since it provides an overall picture it primarily offers possibilities without attempting to assess them, or it describes examples. Thus it has a distinct catalogue flavour and is not difficult to read..

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