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In order to view the PowerPoint slide show Introduction on the Market by the Ridematching Services (FahrgemeinschaftsService) you need the utility program PowerpointViewer (WIN 95 / WIN NT) which we offer you free of charge for downloading.

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The program package provided by Ridematching Service FahrgemeinschaftsService (Software) requires at least Window 95/NT, a main processor of at least 100 MB and a main memory of at least 32 MB. In addition you need the data bank program ACCESS3.0. Utility programs are supplied, too.

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List of material offered for downloading

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  1. Detailed version of the project report  Only in German !
  2. Supplements to the project report Only in German !
  3. Advertising concept/Advertising material Only in German !
  4. Slide show for company acquisition
  5. softmove program description
  6. Demo version for the program softmove (includes JRE1.1.5) softmove Download now (7 MB)
  7. Demo version for the program softmove (excludes JRE1.1.5) softmove Download now (1,5 MB)
  8. Guide to operational mobility management Only in German !
  9. A glance across the borders (International aspects on mobility management)
  10. Brochure "Mobility Management in the Company and Administration"  Only in German !
  11. The latest additions to the example documentation  Only in German !
  12. Market study "Mobility consultancy for the company"  Only in German !
  13. 12. Brochure "Mobility Service in the Hands of the Transport Services" Only in German !