Slide show for Company Acquisition

In order to win companies as customers for the new RidematchingService, these must be approached personally. The acquisition of the companies with regard to creating a pool that links them as widely as possible, is an integral part of the RidematchingService work. A slide show was set up to support this acquisition activity. It comprises 50 pictures, created with Microsoft PowerPoint97 format and in so far enables a modern form of presentation. The slide show serves to support introductory contact talks in the company and is therefore mainly directed towards the company management and employees' council. It is not a means for wide-scale advertising.

The slide show employed in the practical acquisition work has been expanded for you. At the beginning the development of the move project towards becoming a practical service is shown. This part is not included for the contacts with the companies.

The German version, which has already proved successful in practice, is mainly supported by animation effects (moving pictures); the English translation has less graphical presentation and is only animated to a small extent.

If you have Microsoft PowerPoint 97 installed in your computer, you can simply look at the slide show after downloading it onto your hard disk. If you do not have this program installed, you can also look at the pictures with the PowerpointViewer (WIN 95 / WIN NT) which we offer you for downloading.

Power Point Viewer

The slide show has a length of 7 MB.


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